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Make Your First Impression an Elegant Impression


What Our Customers Are Saying

"We wish to commend and express our appreciation for Bonnie Goldkamp's creativity.
Since we live in Michigan Bonnie was 'KEY' in selling our condo.
Bonnie continues to check on the property and make creative professional decissions for us.
This has aided us tremendously in our transaction.

We are both very pleased with the her services. We gladly reccomend her and her company to anyone of our friends and family.
Bonnie is a professional who displayes integrety, dedication and creativity ."

— Sincerely, Mr and Mrs. Paul G.


"Thank you SO MUCH for all your efforts, support and creativity!
You are a refreshing approach to marketing our home. You were the best part of the Real Estate process .
We wish you the best in all your endeavors.
God Bless You!"

— The Matt family. San Diego CA 

"I want to take a moment to THANK YOU again for the excelent service you provided !
Your creativity made it HOME!
Your expertise was so appreciated. you did all the leg work wich saved me so much time on my move in.
Elegant Impressions hepled me see the value of my investment !
I now thoroughly enjoy my wonderful new home, it is fabulous!
Bonnie, thank you for the role you played in making it MY HOME.

— M.O. San Diego CA


"Elegant Impressions Bonnie Goldkamp's artistic eye made an amazing difference in the look and feel of my house. In fact, I looked around the first time I saw it and just could not believe it was my house! I never would have thought that re-arranging a few things I already had, along with adding a handful of brilliantly placed accessories would have made such a difference. My Realtor® told me that we got rave reviews when potential buyers came through. I highly recommend a meeting with Bonnie if you are considering putting your house on the market."
—LynnCarol Ray, homeowner

"Elegant Impressions was the difference maker in selling my own investment property. As a result, I have included an Elegant Impressions consultation as part of my listing service package to all my real estate sales clients. In this competitive market, great staging produces a return that far outweighs the investment. I personally recommend Bonnie Goldkamp and Elegant Impressions to all Realtors® and sellers who want  their listings to sell in less time for more money. "
—John Tiller Real Estate Broker and Owner of Tiller Realty —Midlothian VA


"You have certainly found your gift in life! You are a very talented woman. I cannot believe the difference in my home!"
—LP—Homeowner—Richmond VA


"My listing was on the market for 2 years. After Elegant Impressions...WOW!" I can't believe the difference staging made. We went from NO showings to 10 in the first week after staging. The home sold in 4 months!
—JA—Realtor®—Richmond VA

"Staging is your gift!!! The difference in my home is awesome, just awesome! thank you for making my home so beautiful.
—Debra Miller—Home Owner Powhatan VA
"We fell in love with our home all over again...we decided to stay!!!"
—Robert L. Miller—homeowner

"Thank you so much for all your help with the new house. We are so excited! We can't wait to invite you back after we have fixed it up. We appreciate everything you have done for us. It was an interesting experience!"
—David and Kristen Frazier

"My home looks wonderful! I wish it looked that good when I lived there."
—MC Richmond VA
"We listed our condo just after staging with Elegant Impressions and it sold in three days! Excellent Work!"
—Mr. and Mrs. H


I doubted the idea to paint our dark wood. I walked into the room later to see how much longer and fresher the room looked. After two years on the market, it sold within weeks after staging.
—LK Powhatan

For Redesign:
"I told my Realtor® the first three things Bonnie suggested we're worth the consultation alone. Her ideas helped me create character in our home!. I now feel more comfortable with our new home."
—M. Swan—Homeowner Powhatan VA
"My husband is over the top crazy about it! It is all he can talk about!"

"I can't believe the house could look so good!"
"I love the details and the thoughts behind them."
"The house looks so open, clean, bright and big."
"The house looks like it belongs in a magazine!"
-J.I. Richmond, VA Homeowner

"At first I could not see the need to make and changes or improvements, but now I'm totally glad I did so."
-J. Richmond, VA Homeowner
"Wow, Bonnie...this house is awesome...you did a great job! I can't wait to see how quickly it sells!"
-Jane Renger-Realtor®

"You certain have an eye for your work...go girl!"

"The pictures from Bonnie, are absolutely amazing, I can't believe it's the same house!"

"Wow!! How about a trip to Florida to put together our new house here?"
-J.C.- Homeowner

"We would be happy to contribute something to your business/advertisement since you did so much to help us, and we look forward to working with you again in the near future!"
-HL Investors

"Bonnie, we have a contract! We are happy with the way things turned out, we got a full price offer 8 days after we put your photos on the MLS."

"Wow, I'm always amazed at the staging of a house! There is an empty shell, and all of a sudden you come in with your selection of items and it is cozy and appealing. It was really fun to see what you came up with...you really have a gift!"
-K.G./Homeowner San Diego, CA

"Bonnie, these photos look fantastic...thank you!!!"
Realtor® Richmond, VA

"Wow, what a difference painting the fireplace made, switching the curtains, and tying in the colors. What a delight!"
-M.G. Homeowner San Diego, CA

"Thanks Bonnie! It is very clear to me that your work was a big part of selling so quickly."
-J.M. Homeowner Richmond, VA

"Do you see that sign in front of the house? That sign says S-O-L-D....that is because of you!"
-S.S. Builder/Investor Richmond, VA

After several months on the market with no interest.
Just want to let you know WE HAVE A CONTRACT ON OUR HOUSE! This was completed last night.
Neither Marion not I slept well last night due to our excitement. We believe it’s a buyer from one of two showings this past SUNDAY. I had just completed the things on your checklist last THURSDAY night, so your advice was HIGHLY CRITICAL!   A BIG THANK YOU!
-Willie and Marion Manning,  Midlothian VA

Our Goal was to be better than the house down the street, and that was accomplished with your Staging.  Thank you for helping us out!  
-Jamal Bakari Realtor

THANK YOU for the very professional job you did to make our sale successful.  YOU have great talent and your attention to detail made us feel confident in your entire set up and removal was a wonderful help to us.  We will  not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might need your services. 
-Stuart and Sherry Edwards

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