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Home Staging in Richmond, Virginia

First Impressions really do matter. Within seconds a buyer decides if they like the home. we want your home to make a positive, Elegant Impression.


What is Home Staging?

Home staging is preparing your home to show its best attributes and architectural features to sell it. Each home has unique features; when you stage, it enhances the er's eyeof the buyer. If a home is depersonalized and neutralized, a buyer can envision themselves living there. Decluttering is only part of home staging. We create an environment and lifestyle that appeals to the buyer.

Stand out, don't stand still on the market!

What is Home Redesign?

Elegant Impressions, LLC, will redesign your home to enhance the display of your furniture, artwork, and familiar possessions. We can refresh any room if you are moving in, staying put, or want to cheer up a tired room.

In just a day, Elegant Impressions, LLC, can breathe new life into your home and spice up what you already have. We will shop the home use items in other rooms, closets and put away for some time to play up your home with your furniture and accessories.

If your home has negative issues, you need to have the buyer focus on the positive features of your home to get it sold.

Let us help your home sell faster by helping buyers see past clutter and personal things. Our staging helps the buyers see their things in the home. People looking online at photos of our staged homes are able to see a home that presents an inviting space.

Living Room - Before, Home Staging in Powhatan, VA
Living Room - Before, Home Staging in Powhatan, VA

Benefits from Home Staging:

• Sell Faster, 30%–50% Faster Than Their Competition &
   for More Money
• Appraise Higher Than Similar Non-Staged Homes
• First Impressions Make Lasting Impressions
• Less Than a Minute for a Buyer to Know If They Like
   a Home
• Staging Helps the Buyer Envision Them There 

• Creates a Spacious Environment & Square Footage
   Sells Homes
• Reduce the Time Your Home Is On the Market
• Stage Before You Reduce the Price 
• Improve Your Home's Appearance

Our History
Elegant Impressions, LLC, has 10 years of experience assisting customers with home staging and helping to get more equity out of your home. We love helping homeowners and renters feel more comfortable about their home or apartment. We understand that home staging is an essential part of selling a home because it helps the buyer envision living in the home.

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your home assistances from our dedicated professional staff.
Elegant Impressions, LLC in Powhatan, Virginia, is a home staging company that prepares your home to show its best attributes and special features to sell. We do staging to sell apartments.

Member of Accredited Staging Professionals:
• Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP)
• International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP)

Certified by The National Redesign Institute:
• Certified Redesigner & Stager (CRS)
• Certified Home Stager (CHS)